Brittany is the cider region. During your stay at our campsite in Fouesnant, visiting a cider house is therefore a must!

Here are the two cider houses in Fouesnant. If you can’t decide, you’ll just have to visit both; you will be an expert on Brittany cider!

The Menez Brug cider house

Created in 1989, the Menez Brug cider house is run by Claude Goenvec. Day after day, this enthusiast perpetuates the precious family know-how.

The Menez Brug cider house, nestled in the heart of the Fouesnant countryside (near Pointe de Beg-Meil, southern Finistère), offers guided tours and a shop.

During the visit to the cider house, you will discover the orchards of Menez Brug, the press and the fermentation tank, you will learn everything about bottle dressing and the different machines necessary for bottling. At the end, you will taste cider from the Fouesnant orchards. Please note: visits are made exclusively in summer on Wednesdays.

The store sells in-house productions. Let yourself be seduced by the fruity Fouesnant cider, the AOP Cornouaille cider or the farm cider. For your aperitifs, opt for apple bubbles, pommeau de bretagne AOC or gwen, two cider brandies. And don’t forget to bring back a few bottles of apple juice!

Please note: the Menez Brug cider house, with its medal-winning cider, a victim of its success, may be out of stock!

The Séhédic cider house

It is in the canton of Fouesnant, in La Forêt-Fouesnant, that the Séhédic cider factory is located, created in 1950 by François Séhédic. This family cider maker operates 20 hectares of orchards of old varieties of apples. Its particularity: it produces exclusively organic: organic ciders, organic pommeaux de Bretagne, organic apple juice, organic cider brandies but also organic cider vinegar.

Take the time to visit this cider house which will teach you so much about this local product. You will know all the secrets of cider making, its fermentation, the varieties of apples, and the guide will even share recipes with food and cider pairings! A tasting will conclude the visit.

Guarantor of quality products, the Séhédic cider house has won several medals at the Concours Général Agricole de Paris for its raw cider, its eau de vie and its pommeau de Bretagne.

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